Cycling is a favourite hobby for many people, young and old. It’s so popular around the world there’s even a World Bicycle Day on 3 June. They’re not just a great way to stay healthy, but they’re also an affordable and reliable choice, not to mention they’re good for the environment.

But which is better: cycling or swimming? Bicycles mean more than being able to get from A to B quickly with a daily dose of exercise. They’re a super machine that also works as a tool for development, helping people access education, health care, and sport just by being able to get there and take part. It sounds like cycling wins then!

Not quite. The best thing in life is variety. There are advantages to both cycling and swimming, and you’ll benefit from including both into your exercise routine.

I want to ride my bicycle

Cycling might be more popular than swimming, but it’s a close race. Around 29% of the UK population cycle at least once a month - that’s 14.5 million people. Comparatively, 13.2 million people go swimming in the same time frame.

It helps that cycling can serve multiple purposes. You can go for a ride in the countryside or mountains. You can also cycle to work - which is what 37% of all cycling is used for. You don’t see many people swimming to work, do you?

It boosts your wellbeing; it builds muscle; it lowers your risk of cancer and heart disease - the list goes on. But you know what’s better than just cycling? Cycling and swimming.


When it comes to exercise, variety is always welcome. Swimming has always been one of the best training exercises for athletes, and cyclists are no exception. By boosting lung capacity and aerobic efficiency, swimming provides a complete body workout that’s a fantastic way for cyclists to boost their endurance. Swimmers have some of the largest lung capacities compared to other sports people, and you get to take advantage of this with minimal stress on the body.

This is why we often use swimming as part of rehabilitation programmes for injured athletes. There’s no impact and just the right amount of resistance to strengthen muscles and ligaments to help you stay fit. All cyclists looking for a new addition to their training routine could benefit from taking a dip in the deep end.

So don’t wait for World Bicycle Day to come around this June to jump on a bike and don’t wait for your sunny holiday to jump in the pool. Take advantage of the variety of life. If the sun’s out, hit the road on your bike. If the weather’s miserable, do a few lengths in the pool. Whether you’re hoping to be the next Olympic champion or you just want to get fit, why not shake it up a bit?

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