This list of the best places for outdoor swimming across the world might be a matter of opinion. Some of us want to go somewhere nice and hot, where you don’t need a wetsuit and can rest on a sandy shore. Others might want to swim amongst tropical fish and use outdoor swimming to be a part of nature. Some swimmers might even want to find harsh, cold waters to challenge themselves. 

But, in honour of this up-and-down summer we’ve been having, we’ve got a collection of some of the best natural outdoor swimming destinations from around the world for those of us who like to explore while we swim.

Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

This beautiful turquoise pool at the bottom of a 30-meter waterfall hides away in the Grand Canyon. The pool has a year-round temperature of 22°C and is surrounded by the Grand Canyon’s iconic red rock. It falls within Havasupai tribal lands meaning sometimes there is restricted and limited access to protect the area. If you want to go there, you often have to book a year in advance through the official online booking profile.

Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

A cenote is a pit or sinkhole formed naturally through the collapse of limestone bedrock, exposing the groundwater underneath. Mexico is famous for these pools and the Ik Kil Cenote is a beautiful sparkling blue sight to behold. It’s around 60 meters in diameter and 40 meters deep.

Mývatn Nature Baths, Iceland

People sometimes call these baths ‘The Blue Lagoon of the North’. Iceland is famous for its hot springs and natural steam baths. While they might not be the best place to practice lap after lap, taking a dip in this natural outdoor spot will be a soothing, therapeutic experience. Iceland is home to many other amazing natural outdoor pools and lakes including the real Blue Lagoon, The Secret Lagoon, Reykjadalur Geothermal River, and plenty of other geothermal spots resulting from the impressive volcanic activity happening under the surface.  

Salto de Laja, Chile

Chile is any nature lover’s dream. In one country there’s a temperate rain forest, the famous Atacama Desert, the Montane Grasslands, and the peaks of the Andes mountains, with temperatures ranging from scorching to freezing. It’s no surprise a diverse country like Chile also has excellent outdoor swimming options. The Salto de Laja is a horseshoe-shaped waterfall creating beautiful rainbows from the spray. The lake underneath is a great place to take a relaxing dip.

If you’re looking to mix your holiday with a spot of outdoor swimming, there are thousands more beautiful locations across the world. There are even some excellent spots here in the UK. You could travel to the waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons, the Fairy Lakes in Scotland, or the slippery stones of the Peak District lakes. 

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