We at Maru are passionate about making the world better. If we can help improve the lives of even just a few people, or help to clean even a small portion of plastic out of the ocean, we're on the right track. But, as experts in swimwear, sometimes we don’t have all the answers to many of the problems communities are facing across the UK. This is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we are partnering with Level Water - an amazing British charity dedicated to helping children with physical and sensory disabilities take the plunge and learn to swim.

Who is Level Water?

Did you know that nearly 40% of parents with disabled children said their young ones never have the chance to spend leisure time with children without disabilities? Many families with disabled children feel their children are missing out on social activities and clubs, and this exclusion can lead to children feeling isolated and left out of activities they would otherwise love to be part of. Level Water wants to stop this exclusion happening in swimming, and they’re doing an amazing job so far.

Level water brings children together by providing specialist one-to-one swimming lessons for children with physical and sensory disabilities which allows them to go on to become a part of local swimming clubs or group lessons. But Level Water isn’t just about teaching children to swim; it's also about instilling self-confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in the children they teach. When wielding these skills, and once they have learnt to swim 15 metres front crawl and backstroke through Level Water, the children can swim safely and independently.

This means they're ready to join group swimming lessons, competitive clubs, or even just enjoy visits to the local pool with friends. Importantly, they learn a critical life skill and take advantage of the vast amount of benefits that sports in childhood can bring - coordination, staying healthy, learning how to be part of a team, being a humble winner and a gracious loser, building relationships with friends, or simply having fun.

Why has Maru partnered with Level Water?

We are HUGE fans of the work Level Water does. We believe everyone should be able to receive the gift of swimming, and we agree with Level Water - everyone deserves a fair start in the sport. As a swimming-focussed company, we believe that we're equipped to help Level Water achieve their charitable cause and we hope to do so for many years to come.

We provide swimming equipment to the children and instructors who are a part of Level Water in order to help as many children as possible learn to swim with nothing to hold them back. We offer our products at a discounted rate to any child or family involved with Level Water, as well as our allies who fundraise on behalf of the charity. And, as an official partner of Level Water, we aim to do our best to raise as many funds as possible so more children can take the plunge into new depths and new experiences.

If you love what Level Water does as much as we do, why not help with a little fundraising? Level Water wouldn’t be able to keep changing the lives of children without the amazing people who help them raise money. You could run your own event, take part in an existing one, or make a donation. To get started, download a fundraising pack here.