Nevis to St Kitts

For many athletes, there’s a calmness that comes with training for your chosen sport. For swimmers, putting on your swim suit and goggles and slipping into the pool almost becomes a ritual. Sometimes, we couldn’t imagine what our days would look like if we didn’t swim. Even when there are no competitions on the calendar, we still find ourselves at the pool. It can be our way of winding down, de-stressing, or for some, getting the blood pumping after a long day at work. No matter what our reasons are for loving the local swim club, sometimes, things can start to feel a little comfortable.

Maybe it’s time to try something crazy? Every year, as many as 200 swimmers pack up their kit and jet out to the Caribbean, swapping early mornings and chlorine, for sun, sand, and sea. These swimmers make their way to the islands of Nevis and St Kitts for the annual channel swim between the two islands, and this year, it’s happening on the 31st March. But it isn’t all fun and games for the competitors at this event. Many serious swimmers each year like to challenge themselves, testing their strength, speed, and endurance against other competitors and 4km of the Caribbean Sea.

Up for a challenge

The Nevis to St Kitts Cross Channel Swim has been a ‘must do’ event in the Caribbean for the past 17 years. But, it almost feels like the UK has only truly come to appreciate the popularity of open water swimming in the last couple of years. In 2018, thousands of swimmers took part in events like the Swim Serpentine, Open Water Swimathon, and Swim England’s National Open Water Festival. The increase in open water competitors isn’t surprising. More people are realising the benefits that open water swimming can bring.

With no pools, walls, or lanes, you’re free to swim at your own pace and in your own space. It’s a social sport, with local groups getting together regularly to take on the tides and attend events like the Nevis to St Kitts swim. Many people like the feeling of swimming openly with nature, but possibly the biggest draw to the open water is the challenges it presents. The water pushes back and there are no walls to hold on to or places to take a breather - you need to focus and be fully prepared at all times. It pushes your body to the limit. Despite this, it remains accessible to everyone. Beginners are permitted to wear fins and snorkelling gear if they prefer to challenge themselves rather than other competitors.

As easy as A, B, sea

Attending an open water swimming event like Nevis to St Kitts is the perfect opportunity for swimmers looking to take a break from the pool and try something adventurous. And, in a location like the Caribbean, it’s not just a fun challenge; it can be a holiday too, helping your swimming take you to great new places.

Even if swimming the channel is not for you, accompanying a friend and showing your support is a great way to see the amazing feats that professionals and pleasure-swimmers alike are achieving in the open water. And who knows, you might even catch some sun too.

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