If you follow our blog, you’ll know that Maru is a huge supporter of the environment. That’s why we’re looking forward to World Environment Day on 5 June 2019. The day dates back to 1974, and each year focuses on a different theme. This year, it’s all about air pollution.

The United Nations started this day to encourage worldwide awareness of the actions we can take to protect our beautiful planet. So we’re looking at more abstract ways of tackling environmental problems.

Why we find it hard to concentrate

Have you noticed that even though we see the effects of climate change every day, people still ignore it? Current climate change and the resulting environmental destruction is human-driven. Despite this, 52% of the British public think human and natural factors are equally to blame for the unprecedented rate of climate change we’re witnessing.

From big business to our own family members, it’s a problem sometimes too huge for us to face. This isn’t because people are bad, but because we’re human. But there are creative ways we can overcome our aversion to tackling the big problems, sooner rather than later.

Changing the way we think

We need to change the way we think about climate change. Everything we hear in the news is doom and gloom, with more plastic found in the ocean, more species becoming extinct, more rainforests destroyed, and more tragedy. As humans, it isn’t surprising we often get to a point where we just don’t want to hear anymore. We’ve reached our limit. This doesn’t mean we should adopt an ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude and let these problems go on under our noses. But we can change the narrative.

Instead of talking about extinction and destruction we can frame climate change and environmental change as a business opportunity for technological innovation. Let‘s focus on the opportunities that come with producing and creating greener and more sustainable technology, energy, processes, and products. Or we can talk about reducing pollution or changing our diets as a human health issue.

Driving a smaller car in the city, or an electric one, will reduce the rate of breathing-related diseases and cancer in the youngest generations. Whatever the story, let’s focus on the good and show that fighting for a greener environment is beneficial for everyone. Let’s talk about the amazing steps to reach this goal instead.


The way we have structured our cities and our lifestyles mean that everything we do centres on the use of fossil fuels - from fertilisers in agriculture, to producing plastic, to transportation. If people want to avoid this, they’re often subject to higher prices and more effort is needed to live comfortably. We need to make being green easy. This starts with having sustainable products in supermarkets, making sure green products don’t cost more, and finding equally effective alternatives to high-polluting products. It’s consumers who have the power to start enforcing these changes by protesting and making conscious purchases.

For example, we’ve designed a line of swimwear that uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn made from waste material such as fishing nets and old carpet If more companies integrate eco-friendly practices into their business, it would help support our desired culture of convenience without harming the planet.

On World Environment Day, why not make a small change to help us protect the environment, even if it’s just changing your outlook towards the problem. It could go a long way.

At Maru, we are passionate about protecting the environment, which is why we offer more-environmentally friendly swimwear. Shop our Ecotech ethical swimwear range via our online store today. All proceeds go towards protecting our oceans by supporting the SEA LIFE Trust.