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Fabric Guide

Maru swimwear is designed to be a durable piece of clothing and it has to cope with chlorine, salt, sun cream and poolside areas and is constantly going from wet to dry so in order to keep both it and you looking great, we have come up with a few tips.

The power of rinsing
We recommend rinsing your swimwear within 30 minutes of getting out of the water to minimise damage from salt or chlorine. An extra care tip is to soak your costume in cool water before washing it, as this will remove most of the chemicals, if you’ve been in the pool, and sand, if you’ve been on the beach. 

Wash at the correct temperature
To keep your swimwear looking its best and to prolong the sparkle of the foiling finishes we use, we recommend hand washing. It’s also very important that your swimwear does not go near a tumble dryer, bleach or a dry cleaner. The techno fibres will not thank you for that harsh treatment!

Don’t get knotted
Untie the straps on our tie back costumes before you wash them so you're not washing with tension in the fibres. By washing in its original shape, your swimsuit will keep to its proper size. 

Stay cool
Hot water and swimwear don’t mix so never wash your swimsuit at a hot temperature (we recommend a maximum of 30°C which is better for the planet too)  

Never wring, always squeeze
After washing, gently squeeze - don't wring - the water out of the fabric as this can cause swimwear to lose shape by distorting the fibres.

The first rule of drying is don't scrunch your wet costume into a towel. Lay it flat to dry naturally as this will help the costume keep its shape. Avoid drying your swimwear in direct sunlight as UV rays can cause the vibrant colours in our prints to fade. 

Keep away from sun cream
Not for one minute are we saying that you shouldn’t apply sun cream but make sure it goes on your body and not on your swimwear. Our tip is to apply sun cream before you put on your swimwear. That way you stand the maximum chance of not missing any bits of skin and will avoid accidentally getting it on the fabric.

Take care when you sit 
Whenever you're sitting by the pool or on a rough surface, our advice is to try to sit on a towel. Our fabric is pilling resistant but abrasive surfaces can snag the fibres and cause damage to them.