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    Ocean Friendly Swimwear

    Here’s something to make you stop and think.

    Made from plastic bottles found in our ocean, our innovative Ecotech fabric helps us in our bid to tackle pollution and preserve the integrity of precious marine life around the world. We aim to not only make beautiful, vibrant swimwear for all athletes but we are constantly striving to make the world’s oceans cleaner and more beautiful too.

    As humans, our desire for newness is infinite but the planet’s resources aren’t. The development and use of sustainable fabrics such as Ecotech gives us the opportunity to satisfy our appetite for newness whilst at the same time protecting the environment.

  • Waste: Pre consumer to post consumer
  • ECONYL® Yarn

    From Rubbish to Eco-Friendly Swimwear – the Importance of Recycling

    Who can forget the final episode of Blue Planet 2, which took an unflinching look at the impact of human activity on the oceans. Sir David Attenborough delivered a powerful rallying call for all of us to do more to protect the marine environment, saying that the world’s oceans are turning into a ‘toxic soup of industrial waste and plastic’.

    It is clear that over the past few decades we have been ignoring the looming environmental crisis and the damage we are causing to our oceans by thoughtlessly dumping plastic waste into it with little care for the consequences.

    We are joining the movement that challenges our behaviour and forces us to think every time we go to throw away an item of single-use plastic.

  • Black Pack Panther - Mojito, Black Pack Shadow - Pink

    On its own, recycling will not save the planet but we all have to start somewhere

    As well as being a solution to waste, our Ecotech fabric using ECONYL® regenerated nylon is also helping reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared with material from a fossil fuel such as oil. Recycling and the increased use of sustainable fabrics will help reduce consumption of new raw materials, which in turn will lead to a reduction of air and water pollution from landfill and marine waste.

    These fishing nets, together with other nylon waste material, are regenerated to make a premium quality nylon yarn called ECONYL®. The unique purification process that generates ECONYL® means it is exactly the same as virgin nylon, with no compromise on quality.

    The Black Pack range from Maru uses ECONYL® in our Ecotech fabric, which means our eco swimwear is made from 100% regenerated nylon waste that otherwise would have been sent to landfill or ended up in the ocean.

    The Black Pack range shows that trash can be turned into treasure and that rubbish can be recycled into something not only useful, but beautiful too.

  • Sea Turtle bycatch has a lucky escape

    Marine Conservation

    Words are great, but action is far greater. We are proud to support the SEA LIFE Trust – a charity whose aim is to ensure our oceans are conserved, protected and full of life.

    Working across the world to support practical local projects to protect marine wildlife and their habitats, they work on conservation campaigns to bring about long-lasting change on a global scale. Part of their incredible work is aimed at reducing plastic pollution, by focusing on reducing the flow of plastic waste and encouraging behaviour change to help increase recycling rates. Through projects such as beach cleans and helping to fund new initiatives to remove plastic from our oceans, they are striving to remove the rubbish that is already on our beaches and in our seas.

    As a committed supporter of reducing the rubbish in our oceans, we are supporting this amazing work by donating 100% of profits from our new SEA LIFE Trust range.

    100% of profits are donated to the sea life trust