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The Ecotech Range

Made from plastic bottles found in our ocean, our innovative Ecotech fabric helps us in our bid to tackle pollution and preserve the integrity of precious marine life around the world. We aim to not only make beautiful, vibrant swimwear for all athletes but we are constantly striving to make the world’s oceans cleaner and more beautiful too.

Fanshell Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Piña Colada Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Shimmer Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Tutti Frutti Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Strata Ecotech Swimsuit
Nimbus Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
London Calling Ecotech Swimsuit
Splash Ecotech Swimsuit
Surf Ecotech Jammer
Men's Strata Ecotech Jammer
Mens Splash Ecotech Panel Jammer
Men's Splash Ecotech Jammer
Piña Colada Ecotech Sparkle Girls Swimsuit
Shimmer Ecotech Sparkle Girls Swimsuit
Bubbles Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Tutti Frutti Ecotech Sparkle Fly Back
Seyshelles Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Sealed with a Kiss Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Marble Run Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Northern Lights Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Valentine Ecotech Sparkle Rave Back
Nimbus Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Turtle Bay Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit
Splash Ecotech Girls Swimsuit
Girls Splash Ecotech Panel Legsuit
Tortuga Ecotech Jammer
Boys Strata Ecotech Jammer
Boys Splash Ecotech Jammer
Spidey Ecotech Sparkle Jammer
Tessellate Than Never Ecotech Swimsuit
Komodo Ecotech Swimsuit
Wild Thing Ecotech Swimsuit
Holiday Ecotech Womens Swimsuit
Nova Ecotech Swimsuit
Comb Jellies Ecotech Swimsuit
Donatella Ecotech Swimsuit
Tessellate Than Never Ecotech Girls Swimsuit
Lyra Ecotech Swimsuit
Bee Happy Ecotech Swimsuit
Holiday Ecotech Girls Swimsuit
Shatter Ecotech Girls Legsuit
Holiday Ecotech Panel Legsuit