At Maru, we take swimwear very seriously. It’s clear from our collections we aren’t afraid of a bold print or bright colours. But equally important to us is that our suits are functional. We’re all about fashion-led performance; suits that look great but won’t interfere with your technique.

It’s the back and straps of a suit that determine how it fits, how it allows you to move, and how much support it offers. Every swimmer will want something different, so this season we’ve incorporated multiple back styles to cater to everyone! Whether you’re an everyday trainer, occasional leisure swimmer, or pool time is strictly reserved for holidays, we’ll have a suit that’s perfect for you.

Girls' styles


Fly Back

Our fly back swimsuits are one of our favourites this year. You’ll see a lot of this season’s girl’s swimsuits come in this style. It features thinner sport straps that allow for full movement. But the straps attach to a thicker band of fabric at the back which helps to bring extra support and comfort.


Auto Back 

Auto back suits feature thicker straps in a classic style. Because the straps are more supportive, you can trust an auto back suit to always keep up with you in the pool. While the straps are thicker, they’re cut in a flattering way that won’t interfere with your technique. You’ll still have full shoulder and arm movement with an auto back.


Rave Back 

Also offering thicker straps is our racerback-style rave back. Unlike the auto back, the rave back straps come together in the middle of your shoulders, leaving a lot more of your back exposed. This means they’ll offer even more flexibility and motion in the pool. If you want the perfect mix of support and movement, we recommend our rave back suits.


Arrow Back  

If you want a suit that stands out, our arrow back suits feature a unique double cross-strap. Although the straps are thin, there are four of them to keep you supported. And like our fly back, they attach to a thicker band of fabric in the middle of your back. Our arrow back suits are perfect if you want to make a splash.

Women's styles


Swift Back

Our swift back suits for women are a classic. If simplicity is what you’re after, look no further. They feature thin, barely-there sporty straps that allow you a full range of motion in the pool. No matter your stroke, a swift back will allow you to perform.


Jay Back

Our jay back features two cross-straps over the plunging back. If you want to balance performance and looking great, this is a perfect style for you. The two sets of straps offer more support while the straps are thin and comfortable to wear.


Tie Back

On average, 41% of British holidays are beach holidays. So if you’re after a suit that’s holiday-ready, check out our tie-back style. It features a simple cross-back you can tighten or loosen with an eye-catching tie underneath. The straps are also thin and allow full motion.


Ace Back

Our ace back boasts a classic silhouette with a slightly thinner strap. The straps are thicker than our other women’s styles but are still thin enough to offer a full range of motion in the pool. The ace back brings the ideal mix of support and motion. You can be comfortable but also competitive.


Whatever your swimming style, you want swimwear that suits you. Whether you prioritise comfort, technique, or support, it’s important you choose a swimsuit that makes you feel your most confident. There’s a range of different styles out there, it’s about finding what works best for you.

At Maru, we create our collections so there is something for everyone. Whether you swim every day or save it for special occasions, you need swimwear that performs. For S/S20, we’ve incorporated a range of different styles to ensure you’ll find your perfect fit. Shop the range here.